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you're pulling my threads apart by babyfrills you're pulling my threads apart by babyfrills


     you'll find something waiting  BARE ESSENTIALS

name                       nickname           age             gender         height      weight        homeland
kyung ji woong          GG                      18               male            161 cm      0 kg            emberheart
경지웅, 景智雄                                                                              5'3 ft         0 lbs            엠버심장

species       a subrace that originates from mountainous regions, rust elves evolved from their high elf ancestors when
rust elf         they began to mine teflium, a rare metal known for its excessive heaviness. after centuries of lifting and
                   trading teflium, their 
constitution and natural strength has quadrupled; now, the average rust elf child can
                   lift a hundred
 pounds without breaking a sweat.


metal synergy

                          🌿  most rust elves have a natural affinity for handling ores and minerals. they are able to navigate
                               quarries and alloy-rich locations with ease, and can be gifted metalworkers.

stunted spellcasters

                         🌿  because they stressed physical strength over magical mastery, rust elves are less adept with the
                              supernatural, and struggle with incantations, often finding themselves exhausted after a few simple
                              spells. it is rare to find a learned witch or wizard in a rust elf village; most have given up the craft in
                              favor of physical fortitude.

crystalline gaze

                         🌿  the eyes of rust elves often reflect the hue and natural patterns of metals or gems. when one of their
                              species dies, their irises fade to a corroded red, which is where the rust elf gets its name.

      untethered, yet unfree  

                              cursed by a mysterious man, GG is void of any ‘gravity’, meaning that he weighs nothing, and if
                              left alone, will gradually float into the sky, which ultimately spells out his death. the enchanted
                              metal bands GG wears negate his affliction enough to keep him planted on the ground, but aren’t
                              a permanent solution. their effectivity depends on GG’s emotional state; if he is upset, flustered,
                              or too ecstatic, the enchantment weakens and he may end up lifting upwards by a few inches until
                              he calms down... if GG can't restrain his emotions well, he ends up getting stuck in high places...


                         lying upside down  SPELLBOUND & WEAPONS READY

house                    major arcana           minor arcana
vega                       ferrum                      vertas

      lead into gold, salt into silver  

                              by marking any metal with a personalized sigil, GG is able to reform the particles making it up,
                              thus changing the material (and weight) of the target item as he chooses. to successfully perform
                              LA PETITE ALCHEMIE, GG must first understand the molecular structure of the matter he's transforming
                              and that of the desired result— e.g, he must know the atomic makeup of both teflium and bronze to
                              transmute them. the item must have a sigil drawn on it; if the sigil is wiped off, the material reverts to
                              its original form. the effect wears off regardless after an hour if GG does not renew the spell via
                              physical contact. with the exception of his MOON RABBIT, he can only draw three sigils at a time. if he
                              attempts to draw more than the allotted amount, the spell will be ineffective. this ability is relative to
                              volume rather than mass. at the moment, GG knows the components of teflium and bronze, meaning
                              he is currently able to turn teflium into bronze and bronze into teflium. 

     a gentle guardian, a brave heart

                              this spell is activated when GG shouts the incantation while holding any type of metal object. the item
                              then transforms into an ornate shield. the size of the shield is proportional to the mass of the original 
                              item; if GG is given a tiny amount of metal, a tiny shield will be born. larger shields take more time 
                              and energy to transfigure, often tiring GG out. this spell lasts approximately ten minutes before
                              wearing off. the item retains the 'sturdiness' of its original form; a tin can will becomes a tin shield.

      gigantic warhammer
      true weight: 113 kg | 250 lbs

                              the MOON RABBIT is a large, 150 cm warhammer engraved with the sigil for the spell LA PETITE
                              ALCHIMIE. it is crafted from teflium, a material found in the rust elf mines, and as a result, weighs an
                              incredible amount. because of the built in seal, GG can change the MOON RABBIT’s matter at will.

                              due to his lack of traditional rust elf strength, GG is only able to carry the MOON RABBIT at its true
                              weight for very short bursts of time. he prefers to wield it in its lighter bronze mode, because switching
                              to the heavier teflium generates a huge strain in his muscles. he can only swing the teflium mode
                              RABBIT a few times before exhausting himself.


     STR ▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯                          because he never trained formally, the most weight GG can throw around is about
     DEX ▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯                          fifty pounds; anything more causes considerable strain on his body. he's stronger
     CON ▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯                          stronger than the average human, but weaker than his rust elf family.
     INT ▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯
     WIS ▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯                          his constitution is extremely low; it doesn't take more than a few hits to KO the
     CHA ▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯                          poor guy. he runs out of steam easily, and is bad at endurance based objectives.


                      you'll see how it's faded  A LITTLE CLOSER

🌿  anxious, meek, obedient, empathetic, hardworking, gentle

                              his eyes dart sideways, avoiding your gaze as small lips press together, clamp shut to repress a
                              phrase— a string of words that decide his fate, but oh— the poor boy’s too scared to dip his toe into
                              unfamiliar waters, too cowardly to take initiative, too insecure to risk rejection— and so he waits.

                              he presses clammy palms into the fabric of his skirt, fingers bunching cloth together, wringing his
                              worries into dust, his hesitation clear when his breath catches in his throat and he bites his tongue—
                              stupid, just say it— cheeks flushed in embarrassment, his shyness betraying him as he stutters out,
                              “h-he-hello! It’s nice— nice to meet you!”

🌿  can the shrinking violet ever learn to grow?

                              easily influenced and excessively weak-willed, GG finds it nearly impossible to speak his mind, often
                              over-thinking the consequences of his actions. as a result, he lets everyone else— anyone, as long as it’s
                              not him— take charge, and ends up going along with their every whim. don’t get him wrong though;
                              once GG is given a task, he becomes extremely determined to complete it, frequently exhausting himself
                              in the process. the boy is terrified of becoming a burden to others, and thus overworks himself to satisfy
                              the needs of those around him.

                              GG has the nasty habit of overanalyzing others, as he’s always afraid of somehow upsetting them.
                              because of this, however, he is very sensitive to people’s emotions, easily picking up when they’re happy
                              or sad. his compassionate nature means that he'll do his utmost to make sure both strangers and close
                              ones are content, but he's careful not to overstep any boundaries.

🌿  YEAH:                                                                                                   🌿  UNYEAH

flowers (the snowdrop anemone and puschkinia are his favorites),                    excessively sweet tea, sudden change,
handmade items, curry noodles, cable knit sweaters, music boxes                    embarrassing himself, insects, being unprepared


                       when you turn it around  INTO THE PAST

🌿  there is scarlet in the sky...

he reminisces on trickling brooks and fiery trees, scarlet leaves amassing into a red carpet where small elven feet play. the
mountains are quiet, silent with the occasional witherbeak’s trill, or the slight rustling of doe hooves as they scamper to
shelter... a sierra wreathed in eternal autumn, and the place he calls home, this is emberheart.

🌿  the story of a cursed boy.

                              emberheart village is a small town situated on an enchanted mountain. populated mostly by rust elves,
                              its main source of income is the trading of teflium and other rare minerals, and most residents begin their
                              journey into the mining world at incredibly young ages; it is rare to find an elf child who doesn’t know their
                              way around the various quarries that run throughout emberheart.

                              GG, however, is the exception.

                              no one knows how kyung ji woong became cursed; no one has bothered to ask. the boy himself can only
                              remember snippets, small fragments of the events that transpired:

                              he recalls that it’s unusually hot, and that he grows weary after a morning of playing in the woods. he
                              watches the creek ripple as he dips his toe into its waters, smooth pebbles crunching against the soles of his
                              feet. ah, sweet bliss, sweet relief. this is happiness, he thinks, and i want to stay like this forever.

                              then, suddenly, there’s a crunch, a thumping of boots on rotten log, and a sickly, snapping noise as the
                              wood is shattered by something— someone, extraordinarily large.

                              he’s unassuming, too innocent to be suspicious, too young; he turns, eyes searching for the source of the
                              sound, lips tugging upwards into a welcoming smile, “hello—”

                              and everything goes white.

                              he can only remember the fading back of a man's jacket, and an unmistakeable, overwhelming sense
                              of emptiness.

                              he is only six years old.

                              no one in emberheart knows anything about curses. the best his parents can do is trade some teflium in
                              exchange for a set of enchanted braces that somewhat negate the effect, but still. nobody knows what to do
                              with a weightless boy. from that day on, he's barred from entering the quarry, treated like a stranger by the
                              townspeople he once knew so well.

                              the children are no different— worse, even. they pull his hair, throw rocks at him, shout and yell
                              profanities— he's useless, a pitiful boy, a rust elf who can't mine, a soulless freak who's got nothing to
                              weigh him down.

                              GG keeps to himself from then on. he grows up reading reference books in the attic of his family's cottage.
                              it is here where he discovers a dusty old tome, supposedly gifted to his parents by a french magician who
                              had passed through emberheart a few years ago. he begins to teach himself scraps of magic, but it's tough
                              going; rust elves have long since lost their natural ability to cast. still, GG doesn't give up. he even forges
                              (with years of effort and research) a magical conduit for himself: his MOON RABBIT.

                              and then he learns that curses can be cured.

                              he's still inexperienced, and his magic is weak, but this gives him hope. the last chapter of the tome
                              mentions a special school in a pocket universe that specializes in training spellcasters and warlocks
                              regardless of magical background: LUNA ARCANA. it takes a few tries (or a month of planning and
                              deducting) before he's able to locate one of the school’s portals, but when he finally does, off GG goes,
                              clutching a small worn suitcase and a letter from his parents wishing him well. maybe, just maybe, if
                              he gets strong enough, he can even find the man who stole his ‘gravity’...


         right where you left it  EXTRA TIDBITS

🌿  GG lives in a fantasy korean setting; his ethnicity is korean.
🌿  he enjoys making things by hand. his specialties are embroidery and metalworking.
🌿  the ore his eyes mirror is sphene.
🌿  he has a large symbol on his back, a mark of his curse.
🌿  voice claim: dazbee

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