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Alpha-War • FULL COLOR • ₣2,000
she was really only at the banquet for food...


          you gave a kick, i gave a slap  BARE ESSENTIALS

name                   age           gender       height      weight        species               
samira                  25             female        180 cm      83 kg         feline                     
house bastet                                            5'11 ft        184 lbs         egyptian mau 


⚡  adventurous, amiable, gallant, freewheeling, tough, impulsive, tactless, unsophisticated

                              samira likes to think she’s nice. and she is! well— sort of. she has a heart of justice, and is willing to
                              help just about everyone she comes across. her affable nature, along with her ability to slide in a saucy
                              remark into conversation makes her a friend to most. she’s easy to be around, is extremely protective
                              of her acquaintances, and doesn’t make enemies very often. that is, until her narrow-minded idea of
                              what makes a person worth befriending comes into play. samira means well, but she’s incredibly biased
                              when it comes to those who seem to be more well off than she. Is it jealousy, maybe? who knows; despite
                              being blunt as all hell, she’ll never tell. she treats people who flaunt their status with disdain, and can
                              even get violent when they rub her edges too hard. furthermore, samira is quite short-fused, and though
                              she talks to people in a mostly honest manner, it only takes one grating remark for her to make a snap
                              judgement— and boy, does she hold grudges.

⚡   YEAH:                                                                                                   ⚡   UNYEAH

sugary desserts, sparring with her ma, the color grey                                       pompous assholes, people who flaunt their
hiking, exploring, fighting off bullies, indie rock                                                wealth, carrots, rainy days, smug people


          then i set fire to our bed  FISTS UP & AT THE READY

class                    rank             weapon
apprentice            ★☆☆☆☆       brass knuckles

strengths & weaknesses


                          ⚡  samira has a sigilgraph specifically geared to boost her muscle strength carved into her skin. as 
                               of now, the graph only affects both arms, and lasts approximately 20 seconds when activated. 
                               she charges it via sun power, which generally takes twelve hours. augmented muscles cause strain 
                               on her body, paralyzes her arms shortly after she uses the ability, and make her very sore for 
                               hours afterwards.

the ol' one two 

samira is trained in classical boxing by her mother, hesi. this, coupled with her knowledge in street 
                              brawling accumulated over years of picking fights, makes her a formidable opponent in hand to 
                              hand combat.

unstoppable force 

                         ⚡  she's stubborn and refuses to give up, even when the going gets tough. she prides herself on 
                              being a protector, and if she can’t do that… then what good is she? regardless, it isn't easy to kick 
                              samira down for long; she’s a tough cookie who won’t let anything stand in her way.

immovable object 

                         ⚡  once samira gets started, she doesn't stop. she prefers blocking over dodging as she finds the latter 
                              cowardly— and she, of course, is no coward. unfortunately, this makes her actions extremely 

loose canon 

                         ⚡  samira is a punch first, process information later kind of gal. her instinctual reaction to any perceived 
                              threat is physical in nature. she has a tendency to push herself past her limits, going over the top and 
                              causing temporary or permanent damage to her body; her fighting is messy and unrefined, which is a 
                              definite minus when it comes to her sigilmancy. samira often loses too much blood in battle, ending up 
                              half dead from pushing herself too hard.

brawn over brains

                         ⚡  she can give you a good bruising, but samira isn't the best at strategizing. her approach to most 
                              opponents is to punch her way through, and any semblance of cunning she exhibits is easily outsmarted.


          STR ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▯                         samira is a messy sigilmancer, and has a habit of sloppily cutting her skin during
          DEX ▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯                         battle to smear over her sigilgraph. although her parents gifted her a pocket knife
          DEF ▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯                         for this express purpose, she often forgets to keep it on her, and ends up making
          MAG ▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯                        use of whatever item she happens to see laying around.
     +1 AGI ▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯                         


         your red eye sees nothing  INTO THE PAST

⚡  young girl, show me your strength. 

house bastet is known for being a house comprised solely of sigilmancers, with each member is utilizing their craft
in an exceedingly unique manner. members who apply to the establishment must prove their worth to the alpha by
creating a one of a kind sigilgraph which is then carved into their flesh, scarring them forever. if the graph is a failure,
or if the alpha is not impressed, the applicant is booted without a second thought. this same test is carried out when
a member born into the house reaches age thirteen; a coming of age ceremony. house bastet’s alpha is ana, and
their senate representative is tali. because of their strict requirements for joining, the house has only eleven
members and is lacking in funds.

samira grew up in house bastet, surrounded by powerful sigilmancers, but with barely enough cash to scrape together
a week’s worth of food. poverty was not kind to the little feline, and she was rather thin during her childhood. still, she
was happy in her home; everyone there was kind and giving. going to school, however, samira was met with crude
remarks and the teasing of her peers, as her family’s lack of a stable income became incredibly evident. a failing
house? how pathetic. you’re almost as bad as the dogs.

you’re wrong!

they were absolutely incorrect, and young samira was determined to prove them wrong. with her fists. of course,
being malnourished and pretty damn weak, she got the shit beaten out of her. of course, this didn’t stop lil ol’ samira,
who continued picking fights for years on end, determined to get stronger; she even asked her mother, hesi, to train
her. when it came time for her
rite of passage, samira instantly knew what she wanted to make.

i wanna punch real good!

and so it was. although it took several (hundred) drafts to create, she created her sigilgraph. after passing the test
with flying colors, samira was able to receive her very first tattoo. she graduated school a few years later, then spent
a few years training with her moms
and the other sigilmancers of her house; she studied diligently between working
part time jobs, honing her skills with conviction.
finally, she enlisted in the war, doggedly driven to get out there and
show everyone that house bastet wasn’t
— and would never be the butt of any cat’s jokes.


         sweat drips  EXTRA TIDBITS

character      affability                   synopsis

alistair           ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆        smug suit wearing bastard. she punched him once.
percival         ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆         annoying. stupid smile. he's alright sometimes.
⚡  her mother's name hesi, and her other mother's name is rashida.
⚡  playlist: TBA
⚡  voice claim: TBA
⚡  recruited by parasite-z
⚡  pref. rp on discord: ✧ ˉ̞̭(′͈∨‵͈♡)˄̻ ̊ sweetbun#7524



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